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Volunteers Help Keep Our Shul Vibrant

The operation of a vibrant congregation such as ours does not happen by chance. In addition to a full time staff, the synagogue is led by a number of highly motivated lay leaders and volunteers. Members are no doubt familiar with our wonderful clergy and the staff who keep things running on a day-to-day basis, often behind the scenes. We’re grateful to have such a dedicated team.

The volunteer contingent play an important role in keeping our shul operating. They govern on behalf of the membership and get involved in a variety of ways, from leading daily minyan to organizing educational programs, to leading our youth, and more.

The elected lay leaders, including the President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, Board Chair, Past Presidents and Directors, all share in the responsibility of setting the vision and leading the various volunteer activities.

Central to our governance model is the concept that committees, led by volunteers, should have an active role in synagogue leadership, reporting their activities up to the Board. To facilitate this concept, the roles of the three Vice Presidents were re-defined such that each Vice President oversees a portfolio of committees, working with them and encouraging them to fulfil their mandates. The Vice President portfolios are:

  • Vice President, Finance and Administration, oversees committees such as Budget and Finance, Nominations, Fundraising Catering and Personnel.
  • Vice President, Programming and Ritual, oversees committees such as Membership, Ritual, Youth and Families, Promotion, Israel and Continuing Education.
  • Vice President, House and Property, oversees committees such as House and Property, Cemetery, Itanu (accessibility), Renovations and Security.

​Current Board Directors and other synagogue members have fully embraced the opportunity to get involved in committee work, with some committees newly revitalized. But involvement is not limited to “insiders”. If you have an inkling to get involved, no matter what the interest, talent or amount of time you have available, let us know!

Sat, 24 March 2018 8 Nisan 5778