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Member Support

The terrorist attacks in Israel have had a profound effect on Jewish communities around the world. In Toronto many have been profoundly impacted. We want to provide our members with the opportunity to receive support as we live through this time of horror and uncertainty.

We have 2 options available. 

  1. We have volunteers who can connect 1:1 for telephone support. You and a volunteer will schedule a time for your call. 
  2. We will be having a support group. This group will function as a drop- in with participants free to come when they wish. It will be facilitated by experienced mental health professionals. Dates and time have not been established yet.

If you are interested or would just like further information, click HERE for the the sign up sheet. Please leave your name , best method of contacting you, and your preference for 1 to1 or the drop-in group and we will follow up.

It should be understood that these programs are not intended as therapy and neither the volunteers or the synagogue assume any liability for participant well being.


Mandalas of Hope for Israel

Instructions for Creating your Mandala

“A mandala is a geometric design or pattern that gives a sense of peace in the symmetry of the design and of the universe.”

Sauamini Madra (a mandala artist)


  1.  When drawing or colouring your mandala, it should be symmetrical – top and bottom, left and right sides should be the same.

To download a mandala template, click here. 

To download a manadala template, click here.
To download a manadala dot pattern, click here.


  1. Print or write clearly your message of hope and love to Israel.  You may choose to sign your name (your age is optional).


  1. Place your mandala in the SATO mailbox in the shul lobby, and it will be sent to Israel for those Israelis who are physically or mentally wounded or displaced


Scan or photograph your mandala and send it directly to Israel Under Fire Submit: The Israel Forever Foundation, who will distribute our mandalas on behalf of Beth David.

 Thank you for participating in this important demonstration of our on-going support and love of Israel.



Note for Shabbat: take a mandala dot pattern or mandala template and instruction sheet home with you to create after Shabbat.

Write a Letter

Click here for a letter template. 

The Beth David SATO Committee

Our Social Action Tikkun Olam committee helps develop activities to enhance the well-being of our synagogue community as well as the broader community. Our goals include helping to increase awareness and understanding of issues facing us as Jews and as members of the larger community as well as encouraging volunteerism within the synagogue and in the broader community.

SATO programming includes
  • Education and information events that present opportunities to make a difference, such as our Mitzvah Day in November 2019.
  • Supporting charities both in Toronto and abroad.
  • Developing projects that help improve the synagogue’s connection with members.
  • Engaging in interfaith activities.

We are always interested in hearing from members who would like to share ideas or become participants in our programs.

Beth David also has a SATO fund where members can direct donations to help support our programming.

We can be reached at

Allan Sheps
Chair Social Action Tikkun Olam Committee

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784