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rice/pasta/grains, tomato sauce, canned vegetables, cooking oil, canned fish
Packages do not require a kosher symbol


Home Drop-off locations will be announced closer to Passover

Financial Donations are welcome:

The Beth David SATO Committee

Our Social Action Tikkun Olam committee helps develop activities to enhance the well-being of our synagogue community as well as the broader community. Our goals include helping to increase awareness and understanding of issues facing us as Jews and as members of the larger community as well as encouraging volunteerism within the synagogue and in the broader community.

SATO programming includes
  • Education and information events that present opportunities to make a difference, such as our Mitzvah Day in November 2019.
  • Supporting charities both in Toronto and abroad.
  • Developing projects that help improve the synagogue’s connection with members.
  • Engaging in interfaith activities.

We are always interested in hearing from members who would like to share ideas or become participants in our programs.

Beth David also has a SATO fund where members can direct donations to help support our programming.

We can be reached at

Allan Sheps
Chair Social Action Tikkun Olam Committee

Mon, May 29 2023 9 Sivan 5783