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The Shul office will be closed on Monday,  February 19 for Family Day.
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February 17, 2024
8 Adar I 5784
We Welcome Our Guest Darshan, 
Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell
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February 16 & 17
Friday Kabbalat Shabbat.....5:15PM
Shabbat Morning Services....9:00AM
February 18 - 23
Sunday & Monday* Mornings.........8:30AM
Tuesday to Friday Mornings........7:30AM
*Family Day
Shabbat & Weekday
 Morning Livestream Link
will NOT be taking place at Beth David in February. Adath Israel has kindly invited us to join their services. Please check the Adath Israel website for times.  Adath Israel Livestream:
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Parashat Terumah
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TORAH: Exodus 26:1-26:30  (Etz Hayim p. 491)
HAFTARAH: I Kings 5:26-6:13  (Etz Hayim p. 500)
🕯🕯 Candlelighting: 5:30 PM
 Shabbat Ends: 6:32 PM 🕯
Kabbalat Shabbat Friday, February 16 at 5:15 pm
Join us next week as we welcome:
Nitzan Basharti, our Shinshinit from 2021/2022 who 
will be joining us for services
Madeleine Sarick, our Guest Darshanit.  

Shabbat Message from Cantor Loomer


Parashat Terumah teaches us about the construction of the holy Tabernacle and its vessels.

They shall make a Sanctuary for Me so that I may dwell among them.  Like everything that I show you, the form of the Tabernacle and the form of all its vessels; and so, shall you do. (Shemot 25:9)

Nachmanides known as Ramban and one of our most beloved and influential commentaries on the Torah suggest that these words are used to encourage cheerful readiness while building and constructing all the vessels of the Tabernacle.  

First you might ask what exactly is a Tabernacle and what is it used for?

The Tabernacle was constructed to serve as a place of worship while B'nei Yisrael were wanderers and traveling.  It needed to be portable so that they can move it wherever they travelled to across the desert.  God instructed Moshe to build it.  God stated that He would leave his presence with the children of Israel in the Tabernacle during the wandering period before the Temple was built.

Ramban (Nachmanides) is saying that there has to be zest, cheerfulness, great joy, exuberance and the want to build the Tabernacle.  

The Jewish People were working on the most important project in history, and this was going to serve as G-d's home on earth!!  The Tabernacle was a place for asking for forgiveness and having a spiritual connection with Hashem.  So, the question is, why does Ramban have to tell us how we should feel while building the Tabernacle?  Wouldn't the craftsman and builders want to give it their best efforts?

Ramban is teaching us the art of motivation here.  We may be eagerly wanting to accomplish this great task but sometimes we all hit the wall so to speak.  Day after day, working tirelessly, it is after all possible that any of us who work long hours every day will eventually burn out, get tired, perhaps be at a breaking point leading us to thinking about quitting.  So, G-d instructed Moshe to use the tool of getting others motivated to tap into our inner strengths to produce a "second wind" reaching a level never thought possible.  

All of us try to utilize our own talents given to us by G-d in order to accomplish great things. That thought alone is often enough to drive to do that little bit extra, especially when we think our gas tanks are about to run out.  We say words like "That's the best I can do".  But often we realize that it simply isn't true.  We all need a break and that's what Shabbat, a weekly gift from G-d is all about.   But, with excitement and energy and that second wind and inspiration knowing that we are utilizing talents as a gift given to us by G-d we can make just about anything become possible.

Shabbat Shalom

Marshall Loomer

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We remember with reverence and love those for whom Yahrzeit will be observed this week.


Fanny Zweig, Grandmother of Faye Major and Howard Zweig

Morris Fox, Grandfather of Edward Fox

Thelma Greenblatt, Mother of Irwin Greenblatt

Stanley Lazar, Father of Jennifer Lazar

Chana Stricker, Sister of Ted Stricker

Esther Strom, Mother-in-law of Doreen Strom

Blima Waxberg, Mother of Annette Waxberg



Aaron Borman, Father of Alex Borman and Libby Kraft

Harold Zacks, Husband of Beverley Zacks and Father of Jeffrey Zacks

Maxwell Goody, Friend of Beth  David

Murray Grossman, Brother of Bernard Grossman

Mina Tucker, Mother of Sidney Tucker

Benjamin Wosnick, Father-In-Law of Ettie Wosnick


Carolyn Freedman, Daughter of Gloria and Philip Freedman

Louis Agulnik, Uncle of Arnold Agulnik

Howard Klein, Father of Michelle Weinberg

Fred Major, Father-In-Law of Faye Major

Lois Newman, Sister of Eleanor Epstein 

Marcia Miller-BrasselMother of Frank Miller


Aly Larson, Father of Theodore Larson


Bernie Altshuller, Brother of Ann Shour and Uncle of April Laufer

Ben Mincer, Father of Mark Mincer and Sherry Lieberman

Barnet Berman, Father of Sybil Bendeth

Leon de Castro, Father of Al de Castro

Isaac Sacks, Father of Daniel Sacks

Isadore Weisz, Father of Marc Weisz


Charlotte Belz, Wife of Gerald Belz

George Elharrar, Brother of Berthe Morris

Hana Guterman, Mother of John Guterman

Lionel Miller, Husband of Roslyn Lewis

Abraham Yaakov Shoub, Father of Bernard Shoub

Samuel Slobod, Father of Annette Gosewitz

Joseph Sonshine, Father-in-law of Paula Sonshine

George Weiss, Uncle of Rochelle Pollock


Joseph Klein, Father of Barbara Klein and Ronald Klein

Sarah Berelovitch, Great Grandmother of Mark Bernick

Helen Katz, Mother of David Katz

Alexander Lifshitz, Father of Joseph Lifshitz

Sol Rumanek, Father of Elaine Rumanek

Sima Spring, Great Grandmother of Georgi Bagelman

Minha-Seudah-Havdallah Saturday, February 17

 5:00 to 6:15pm


Weekday Breakfast Sponsors

Thursday, February 22   

John & Tammy Guterman in memory of John's mother Hana Guterman

Your Time!  Your Way!  Learning for You!!

Weekly D’var Torah and resources from
the Hadar Institute, the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) and My Jewish Learning (MJL)
Every week we will be posting links to Divrei Torah from the Hadar Institute in NY. You can read the commentary or listen to it (on Spotify).
As well, the JTS Torah online, its Torah portions and Hey-Alma links will also be available for you to read on your own time - in your own space.
This week Parsha Terumah:
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It is time to start considering your Megillah reading duties.
For our experienced chanters, we are hoping that you join us again this year. 
For those of you who have never yet chanted Megillat Esther, this is your year to enter the fray! All you need is willingness and we will provide you with what you need to join this select group of Megillah Masters! Please be in touch with Michael Rubin or Faye Major.
 Click online here or contact Faye at 437-770-2302
Dedicate a Weekday Sim Shalom Prayer Book   $90
Shabbat morning Kiddush  $450 | Seudah Shlisheet  $350 | Weekday Breakfast $200
Saturday Evening Havdallah  $36 |  Weekday Morning Minyan  $54 |  Kabbalat Shabbat  $100 
Shabbat Shalom newsletter  $100 | Events & Opportunities newsletter  $100
Shabbat morning Livestream Service  $100 | Clergy Classes $100 for per session
Please call the office at 416-633-5500 and listen to the instructions
Beth David B'nai Israel Beth Am 
55 Yeomans Road  Toronto , ON  M3H3J7  416-633-5500 

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February 10, 2024                    1 Adar 5784 Rosh Hodesh Adar I

This Shabbat Shalom has been sponsored by Arlene & Mark Potashner in loving memory of Arlene's mother Gertrude Sherman on her 25th yahrzeit
and in loving memory of Mark's father Bert Potashner on his 1st yahrzeit
מזל טוב
Mazal Tov to Joshua Ellison and his family celebrating as Bar Mitzvah this morning.
February 9 & 10
Friday Kabbalat Shabbat.... 5:00PM
Shabbat Morning Services... 9:00AM
Minha-Seudah-Havdallah.... 4:45PM
February 11 - 16
Sunday Morning................. 8:30AM
Monday to Friday Mornings        7:30AM
Shabbat & Weekday                
Morning Livestream Link
will NOT be taking place at Beth David in February. Adath Israel has kindly invited us to join their services. Please check the Adath Israel website for times. Adath Israel Livestream:
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Parashat Mishpatim
TORAH: Exodus 22:4-23:19 (Etz Hayim p. 465) MAFTIR: Numbers 28:9-28:15 | Rosh Hodesh (Etz Hayim p. 930) HAFTARAH: Isaiah 66:1-24 | Rosh Hodesh (Etz Hayim p. 1219)
This morning's kiddush is sponsored by Renee Silverberg and Carl Rumanek in honour of their grandson Josh becoming Bar Mitzvah

Shabbat Message from Cantor Loomer