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Purim 5781

Links will be provided in the Events & Opportunities Newsletter before Purim. Scroll down the page to see how to submit entries for the megillah reading slideshow.

Megillah Reading Slideshow

We are looking for photos, silent videos, artwork and anything creative to include in our slideshow that will run during the reading of the megillah. Check out the themes and verses below for inspiration to help us tell the story of Esther. Multiple entries encouraged!


Chapter 1

Verse 1-8 King A’s Banquet (either a picture or short silent clip)

9 Queen Vashti’s women’s Banquet (picture)

11-12 Vashti saying NO (picture or silent clip)

13-22 King Consults with advisors (silent clip)


Chapter 2

Verse 5-6: Introducing Mordechai (silent clip)

7 Mordechai and Esther together (could be an add on to verse 5-6)

15-16 Esther meeting King A

17 King A gives Esther crown (and falls in love)

21-23 Mordechai at gate, overhears Bigthan and Teshesh- kings servants, plotting against the king and he reports it


Chapter 3 (Families reading so no pictures)


Chapter 4

1-3 Mordechai in sack cloth mourning

11- Esther saying she hasn’t been summoned to the king and if she does go she could risk death


Chapter 5

1-4 Esther approaches King and invites him (and Haman) for a feast

5-8 Feast with Esther, King and Haman

Fri, 5 March 2021 21 Adar 5781