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*High Holy Days 5781

Thank you for joining us this year for the High Holy Days, whether that be online or in-person. We have a wide variety of ways to commemorate these days together, and do so safely. If you have not yet done so please re-new your membership so that you can gain access to our different programs. The programs below are taking place on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we also have a variety of options and programs (for adults and kids) leading up to the holidays, so be on the lookout for those.

Main Sanctuary 

(live-streamed and in-person)

Starting at 9:30am

These services will be lead primarily by Rabbi Scheim and Cantor Loomer. You will get to hear the classics and greatest hits of the high holy day davening. These services will be similar to the classic services but shortened to two hours (instead of the usual 4ish). There will be yizkor and the blowing of the shofar. They will be live-streamed and all members will receive a link to gain access to watch. There will be a small number of in-person seats available, reaching no more than 75 seats total, which will be a combination of seats in the main sanctuary and at the Havurah service. If you are interested in joining in-person keep a look out for the registration.

Havurah Service

(on zoom and in-person)

Starting at 9:30am on Saturday and 10:30am on Sunday

Lead by Michael Rubin, this service will be in a similar spirit to the Havurah services of the past (the services that take place in the Sisterhood Hall). Michael Rubin will lead you through an interactive, more laid-back high holy day experience with discussion and learning. This year you will be able to join online through Zoom. There will also be a small number of in person seats available. Registration required.

Family Services 

(live-stream or outdoor options)

Starting at 12:30pm for the live-stream, outdoors are at different times.

Lead by Rabbi Walker there are 3 separate options this year. There will be a live-streamed online option, where Rabbi Walker will take families through a fun, short, high holiday service experience. This will be live-streamed from the same link as the main services. We also have an outdoor service option held at two different times each day- one aimed at families with kids ages 3-7 and the other 8-12 (age ranges are flexible, feel free to pick one if your family spans both). These outdoor services will be interactive, family experiences. There will be songs, stories and games! Feel free to bring a blanket to encourage social distancing and comfortably sit on the grass. Chairs will also be available. Registration and masks required.


Bonus outdoor events


We are having a few outdoor events in the parking lot or in the park across the street. We are having an outdoor shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah Day 2, also on Rosh Hashanah Day 2 there will be a short, outdoor service experience with Michael Rubin and Cantor Loomer. In addition, on the afternoon of Yom Kippur we will have an ark outside for you to come visit and have a moment of personal prayer. You will need to register for all of these events to help us with contact tracing.

*Timing for all of these events is contained in the emails that have gone out, or (coming soon) for members "here"



Don’t see an answer to your question? Email the office and we will add it!

Q) How do I renew my membership to make sure I have access to everything Beth David is offering over the High Holy Days?

You can renew your membership online through this link:

Q) What is a “live-stream”?

We will be live-streaming our services from the main sanctuary. This means we have cameras set up that will show what is happening in the main sanctuary at the same time it is happening (not pre-recorded). We are currently live-streaming on Saturday mornings, so if you want to see what it is like we recommend watching on a shabbat. (This is different than the services we have been doing on Zoom. If you would like a Zoom service, Michael Rubin’s Havurah service will be on Zoom).

Q) I do not have a machzor (prayer book for high holy days).Now what?

We are lending out machzors, we are having one more day for pick-up, September 13th. If you are unable to make it, we have purchased downloadable machzorim. If you would like one, you can download it through the link that will be sent along with your livestream link. Watch your inbox for these links. If you would like a hard copy please be in touch asap, we will deliver it to you.

Q) Can I pick up a machzor for someone else?

Yes. Please let us know who you are picking up for so we can record that information.

Q) Can I borrow multiple machzorim?

Yes, within reason.

Q) I am planning on coming to in-person services. Do I need to pick up a machzor?

Yes. We ask that you bring your borrowed machzor with you to all in-person services and keep it with you until after the High Holy Days.

Q)I do not feel comfortable clicking on the live-stream link once Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur has begun. Is there an alternative?

Yes. You can set your computer to “always on” and pre-click on the livestream link. Once the time comes for the livestream to start, you will simply see it on your computer. You can find further instructions along with the link being send to your email. We also recommend testing this out, we are livestreaming on Saturday mornings for Shabbat, so do a test to make sure everything is working.

Q) Do I have to wear a mask outside?

Yes. We ask that when participating in any Beth David program you wear a mask to protect others even while at an outdoor event. (Don’t get the clergy sick or we won’t have services at all!)

Q) Where can I register?

You can register for in-person services through your ShulCloud online portal. You should find a link to the the registration in your most recent Shabbat Shalom newsletter.

We have set up a ranking system to try to accommodate everyone’s top picks. Please list the services in the order you most wish to attend and we will reach out once we have placed you.

Q) Can I go to multiple services?

This depends on how many people register. If we have open spots, we will welcome you at multiple services.

Q) How many people be allowed at services in-person?

We are allowing a maximum of 75 people in the building at any one time.


Q) I want to be at the same service as my extended family. Can we sign up together?

We will do our best to keep extended families together. Please make sure that your family requests the same order of services you do.


Q) Is there an age restriction to attend services in-person?

We ask that you do not bring children under the age of 13 to services. There is no upper limit restriction.

Q) How long will services last?

All services are being cut in half to reduce the amount of time everyone is inside.


Q) Will I be able to use the washroom?

Yes. We will be limiting the number of people in the washroom at one time, and we will be cleaning them regularly. Please follow the posted instructions.

Q) Where do I check in for in-person services?

We will open the doors 30 minutes before the start of services. You will check in at the front door and be asked questions regarding Covid-19 symptoms.

Q) Will there be kippot and tallitot available to me?

We ask that you bring your own kippah and tallit. If you forget your kippah, we will have extras that you will need to take home with you. We will not be lending out tallitot, so don’t forget your own!

Q) Coat check + security

We ask that if you bring a coat you hold onto it.


Tue, 22 September 2020 4 Tishrei 5781