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About Brotherhood

The Beth David Brotherhood is an active member of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs.

Our primary goals are:

  • To provide fellowship amongst BDBIBA’s adult men members of all ages by providing social events and other interesting and enjoyable activities
  • To work as a brotherhood and with other synagogue groups, organizations and committees toward the goal of TIKKUN OLAM – “repairing the world”

Our programs are open to everyone – Brotherhood/Synagogue members and non-members, young and old, men and women.  We strive to be an important part of the community.  For more information, email or contact a member of the Brotherhood Board of Directors.  New members and friends are always welcome.

From the President of Brotherhood

To all the male members of our congregation, I want to talk to you about a group that has been in operation for almost 60 years. It has had and continues to have dedicated members that have raised thousands of dollars and helped this synagogue grow and thrive. They have provided financial and operational assistance to the Jewish and general community as a whole. Israel has been a high priority in their projects and has been the beneficiary of significant aid over the years. Solid friendships have been forged amongst its members and these relationships have continued for many years. This is a supportive group that has encouraged one another to be creative, to be courageous, to press for change, to confront challenges and to embrace opportunities. I am talking about the Beth David Brotherhood.

With an eye on the future, we are in the process of engaging a younger demographic to help create new and exciting programming ideas. This “transfer of power” has been seamless and productive and is how your Brotherhood has maintained its continuity and success. We are looking forward to having many more of you getting involved. While all of us are busy with our everyday lives including work and family, we have found that participating in the Brotherhood has added a new dimension of fun and rewarding experiences to our lives.

I hope you will accept our open invitation to participate in some of our upcoming programs.

Steven Risenman
Brotherhood President

Mon, 6 July 2020 14 Tammuz 5780